Thirty years experience in animated advertising, journalism and education

Mark Giles
Founder and Principal

Thirty years in advertising, working for every major non fictional agency mentioned in Madmen, as a visualiser and comp artist. Published in every major newspaper in the US. Award winning information graphics and illustration. Twenty years of motion graphics and animation. Experienced in all manner of visual communication from the stickman to the über detailed medical illustration, digital painting, claymation, stop motion, motion graphics, and any other visual medium. An expert using Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, and real pencils and paper, though increasingly busy with Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), After Effects & Dragonframe. I have crossed four decades, taking on every visual tool available, while emphasizing my ability to draw, think, and visualize, more effectively and efficiently than ever.

Derek Weikle
Motion Graphics & Art Direction

Derek is an experience art director, graphic designer and After Effects whizz, whose skills have earned him much respect and adulation. Six time winner of the "Fastest Editor in America", the industry benchmark in fictional After Effects competitions, his strengths lie in motion graphics and After Effects wizardry.

Lisa White
Designer & copywriter

Johnny, Sydney.

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