In 2005, we moved to Portland, Oregon, and I joined Brothers of the Baladi, a middle eastern and world music rock band in their 30th year. They were very busy playing a lot of college and festival gigs. Two California tours each year and two UK tours. The band had already been nominated for an album that Santana Woodstock drummer Michael Shrieve produced. In 2008 I played on and designed the cover for Just Do Whats Right which was nominated for a Grammy for contemporary world music album.

     I have been fortunate enough to know some tremendous players. Graham Lear, Oteil Burbridge, David Patterson, Sandin Wilson, Kevin Andrews, George Trotter, Jonathan Bonds, Kerry Movassagh, Paul Jorgensen, Fernando Paulette, Ronnie Wood, Rick Brischetto, Renée Woods, Tom Rowley to name a few.

     Currently, as well as producing music for my 2D animations, I am in the early stages of re-inventing a new band, one that can actually make some money and have fun playing. 

     My primary instrument is percussion, but I also play guitars, keyboards, & woodwinds. I received formal training on violin and recorder at 6, piano and voice at 10-13, clarinet and guitar at 15. Before my voice broke, I stood with hands clasped in front of a piano and sang competitively, and won the coveted Antelope Trophy in Aldershot, UK.  That lasted until my voice broke, and soon after, I discovered rock and roll.

     As a child, I was incredibly lucky to live in very musical cultures. My parents were international aid consultants, so we lived for two to four year projects in Nigeria, Kenya, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Zambia and Bolivia. My parents encouraged interest in all the arts, themselves theater producers, directors and actors, and we collected music from wherever we lived. I love world music and music from all over the world.

REACH - HIV prevention 2D animation - original music

Turbid Blue - "Sorry Shankar "- Tucker Fest - Early 1990's

Brothers of the Baladi - "Ma Shaal" - Triple Door, Seattle 2008

2D animation in Sleeping Beauty Style - original music

Turbid Blue - "Beck & Call" - King Fest - Early 1990's

Brothers of the Baladi - "Laz" - Triple Door, Seattle 2008

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